Sunday, January 17, 2010

Take The Ditry S

WOW....!! What a performance by that Wrangler wearing, flip flopping fossil of a quarterback Brett Favre! AP didnt even need to be on the field today. Ray Rice also took it to the house 3 times today.

I going to go with the J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS... tonight v the Chargers. Although, the Sandiegons bring a high powered offense to the field. I feel like the Jets top ranked defense will step up once again and shut down the Chargers.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Pick

Two high powered offenses will go at it this afternoon. Who to take? Well...this is a very tough game to pick, but I am going to suggest Saints -4 First Half. I think the Saints will come out firing on all cylinders, but the game will tighten towards the end. The Cardinals have weapons in Fitz, Breaston and Doucet at wideout which will be a huge factor if New Orleans jumps out to a big lead. Neither team is known for the defenses so anything is possible. Saints 1st half line is a safe bet.

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Hangover Saturday

Hungover as shit. Rumplemitz, Patron and mass beers will do that to you. Left the bar fairly early....played some late night pool and won a cool 60 bones, wabakee? Parking my ass on the couch for most of the day. Thinking about going to the range to hit some balls to make sure my game is in check. Went downstairs this morning and cleaned up some fat d spitters, not my favorite thing to see/smell in the morning. Buhda may or may not have took my friend Falcon home with him last night. Gotta lay down or I may puke.

" hows that diet coming along?"
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Daily Grind

Well, despite the Cavaliers comeback in the end they still lost by 1. It appeared to be locked up pending some free throws being made on Cleveland's part. However, big misses by Z and AP gave the Utah squad a gleam of light. The rook out out UGA, Gains, made a huge splash and the game winning with time expiring. Props to him.

Shore last night was pretty entertaining as always for those of you who watch. Snooki is still a fat lil turd that cries every episode, Ronnie destroyed some guys face and went to jail and The Situation was creepin and pissing the whole house off. I hadn't watched MTV since freshman year of High School till this show, but am glad I got sucked into it. I can safely say that I find a great amount of humor in what these extreme fistpumpers do on a daily basis.

I'll leave you with this:

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Harry From Close Quarters Pick of the Night

Good Evening dummies. Just got back from a nice meal of a dozen wings at one of the best places to get them around town. My stomach is screaming and I have to crap, so this post may be short or even unfinished. The Cavaliers are rolling through the west coast and are 1 of 2 NBA games being played tonight. Vegas currently has the Cavs vs. Jazz at a PK. Haven't looked at wagerline or any of those sites, but I don't have to because I can tell you that almost 70% of the public is on Cleveland. The smart thing to do here would not be to take the game. However, we here at HSIMB don't give a fuck and will go ahead and tell you to pick Cleveland as a PK.

The Cavaliers are one of the hottest if not the hottest team in the NBA right now. They are one mission and one mission only, win a ring for the king. LeBron has established his presence in the paint during the whole road trip which makes him even more dangerous. If opponents decide to double team him he can kick out to one of their marksman in AP, Mo Flow or even Big Z to drain some one.

Anyways, bottles poppin, turtlehead poppin...out
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